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MSPCA to take in over a dozen dogs from overcrowded NYC shelters

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SALEM - Over a dozen dogs are making the journey from New York City to Salem due to overcrowding in the city's shelter system.

NYC shelters at capacity

The Animal Care Center of NYC (NYACC) are currently over capacity by over 100 dogs. They are keeping the animals in pop-up crates around the office and doubling up in kennels. That's when the MSPCA knew they had to jumped in to help and decided to take in 14 dogs.

"Shelters like this [NYACC] that are dealing with these major capacity crunches are often unfairly vilified, as if the problem is a result of something they're doing wrong. But in reality, they're just bearing the brunt of the dog population crisis," Vice President of Animal Protection at the MSPCA Mike Keiley said in a statement. 

One dog who is hoping to find their forever home in Massachusetts. MSPCA-Angell

The dogs are mostly larger breeds, which the NYACC said helps free up a lot of needed kennel space  

The dogs range anywhere from one to eight-years-old.

Boston Marathon adoption event

The dogs are scheduled to arrive on Saturday and have to complete a mandatory 48 hour quarantine before being adopted. Which is luckily just in time for the Boston Marathon adoptathon called "Run, Walk, Dog!"

The event will run from April 15 through 21 and all four MSPCA shelters will waive the adoption fee for any dog over six-months-old.

One of the adorable 14 dogs hoping to be adopted. MSPCA-Angell

"We're really hoping that people in the community hear our need and come out to adopt, because the more dogs we're able to rehome, the more we'll be able to help in the future," Keiley said in a statement.

"Special and resilient"

They are hoping to adopt out over 100 dogs, including a two-year-old dog named Dove who survived a gunshot wound to her face.

Dove was found as a stray with a gunshot wound to her face, but she has made a full recovery. MSPCA-Angell

"But Dove is really special and resilient. She underwent successful surgery in South Carolina and, despite her trauma, staff there said she's loving and affectionate. Now, it's time for her to turn the page and start a new life, and what better place to do that than here in Massachusetts," Keiley wrote.

More information about Dove and the marathon adoption event can be found on the MSPCA website.

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