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Dozens Of Pets Transported From Virgin Islands Up For Adoption Through MSPCA-Cape Cod

BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of animals are up for adoption after they arrived in New England from St. Thomas, where shelters are above capacity from a 2017 hurricane and impact from the coronavirus pandemic.

Hurricane Maria slammed the Virgin Islands in 2017, passing over St. Thomas and sending many pets into the care of Humane Society of St. Thomas, which is the only shelter on the island.

Now, adoptions have stopped almost completely because of COVID-19.

On August 29, MSPCA-Cape Cod in Centerville received a transport of 10 cats and three dogs from St. Thomas. They were placed in a temporary quarantine, and have since been adopted into new homes.

cat (1)
A cat up for adoption at MSPCA-Cape Cod after it was transported from St. Thomas. (WBZ-TV)

A second transport from St. Thomas including 18 cats, five kittens, one dog, and one puppy was flown from St. Thomas to Florida on September 18. The animals were then driven by van to Massachusetts.

MSPCA-Cape Cod hopes to have them ready for new homes this week. The shelter says that despite all they have been through, the animals are friendly, social and playful.

"We would consider these cats and dogs to be highly adoptable, and would make wonderful pets for most homes," said Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs at MSPCA-Angell.  "Moreover, the animals will help us meet the demand for cats and dogs that has only intensified since the start of the pandemic."

Anyone interested in adopting can contact MSPCA-Cape Cod at

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