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'Barbie Dream' Horses Surrendered To MSPCA Looking For New Homes

METHUEN (CBS) – Two special horses surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm are ready for adoption.

Jack and Rose are Haflinger horses and sometimes called "Barbie Dream" horses because of their looks, an MSPCA spokesman said. The half siblings are 20 years old and love giving rides to "advanced beginner-type riders."

barbie dream horses mspca
Jack and Rose. (Photo credit: Darlene Woodward/MSPCA)

Their previous owner could no longer care for them and the MSPCA says there is an uptick of horse surrenders sparked by dropping temperatures.

"[Horse surrenders] are pretty common at this time of year, especially once snow begins covering the pastures. . . some folks struggle to keep up with the rising cost and need to find new homes for their animals," equine manager Ellie Moneith said in a statement.

The MSPCA has been working to find new homes for horses before they have to come to the farm, sparing both farm resources and potentially stressful travel for the animals.

Jack and Rose were underweight upon getting to Nevins in October but are now ready for adoption. Anyone who is interested can email for more information.

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