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Born with crooked legs, Gumby is a kitten looking for a good home

MSPCA is looking for home for cat with crooked legs
MSPCA is looking for home for cat with crooked legs 00:39

BOSTON - MSPCA Angell is hoping to find a home for a kitten named Gumby.

Gumby is looking for a good home. MSPCA-Angell

The playful kitten has crooked back legs, but it doesn't stop him from getting around or using the litterbox. Rescuers say Gumby came from a shelter in Texas. Surgery to fix his legs would not improve his quality of life, so doctors say it's not worth putting him through the painful process.

"We've never seen a cat quite like this," said Dr. Rebecca Fellman, MSPCA-Angell lead clinician of community and shelter medicine. "Both of Gumby's back legs are severely deformed with muscle contracture that limits his joint mobility, but he still manages to get around - often on all fours."  

Anyone interested in adopting Gumby can reach out to MSPCA Angell.

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