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Mother's Day Gifts For New Moms

By Deb Flomberg

A woman's first Mother’s Day is always the most exciting. It’s a chance to show the new mom in your life just how special she is and what a great mother she has already become, so it’s important to find a way to truly honor and celebrate her on this big day. From creating a simple framed photo to a whole day of planned activities, there are so many great ways to show the new mom in your life how loved she truly is.

Preserve Precious Memories

You don’t have to have years of crafting experience to create a truly special gift. Try something simple like a framed photo of mom and the new baby, or create art on canvas using baby's hand and footprints. Go bigger and create a first-year scrap book using one of the many online custom photo book options available. Taking the time to document this first year of your lives with the new baby will truly help mom feel very special on her first Mother’s Day.

Let Her Catch Up On Some Zzs

One thing any new parent will tell you is how much sleep they lose during the first year of baby's life. This Mother's Day morning, get up with the baby so she can sleep in, but also go the extra mile the night before. Draw her a nice bubble bath to help her relax, and make the bed with extra comfy, clean sheets, blankets and pillows. Lay out a pair of new PJs, fill a diffuser with lavender essential oils, play soothing music and place some of her favorite chocolates on the nightstand to help carry her off to dreamland.

Reconnect As A Couple

You’ve probably missed time with the new mom in your life, especially this first year. Arrange for a babysitter and spend the day doing something you couldn’t do while she was pregnant or after the baby came. Try a wine tasting or visit a local brewery for a tour. Go to a play or see a big musical. Tour a museum or browse an art gallery. Spend a few hours doing something sans-kids so mom can feel special again on this first Mother’s Day. You’ve both given up a lot this year, so spend some the day getting in some much-needed couples time.

Customize Commemorative Jewelry

There are many special (and inexpensive) jewelry pieces made just for new moms that document the first year of her new baby’s life. Look for a special charm bracelet or necklace that incorporates the baby's birthstone. Go to your local jeweler and get a special memento customized with an engraving. A special piece of jewelry to document this important day will certainly help create a wonderful first Mother’s Day.

Set Up A Professional Photo Shoot

There is nothing more personal and more treasured than a great photo that captures an important moment in someone’s life. And as great as you are at taking cell phone pictures and selfies, it won't compare to the talent of a professional photographer. Set up a surprise photos shoot for mom and baby in celebration of her first Mother’s Day. Bring in a professional photographer, find a great location (like a beautiful park or a favorite local hot spot) and create some new photos that you’ll both treasure for the rest of your lives. 

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