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Mothers Against Drunk Driving Aren't Against Driverless Cars

STANFORD (KCBS) -- The head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has come out in favor of driverless car technology.

The nationwide organization believes autonomous cars will cut back on DUI-related auto crashes and deaths.

MADD CEO Debbie Weir attended a meeting of industry and government leaders at Stanford Wednesday to push the implementation of driverless technology.

"We believe technology is a key to saving lives," Weir told KCBS.

Ten thousand people were killed in alcohol-related accidents two years ago, comprising a third of all traffic deaths.

"We really advocate for current technology that's available to help save lives and prevent injuries, and autonomous vehicles in the future could be another tool in the toolbox," Weir said.

The American auto industry estimates there could be millions of autonomous vehicles on the roads in the next 10-20 years.

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