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Mother Running Boston Marathon In Memory Of Her Twins

BOSTON (CBS) - When it comes to hope, Rosa Chiu wants people to know to never give up; even when everything seems hopeless.

She and her husband's dream came true in form of twins, a boy and a girl in 2004, but in a tragic twist of fate and medical error Rosa says she went into pre-term labor and had to have an emergency C-section.

Matthew Alexander was born 1 lb 10 oz and one minute later Katelyn Elizabeth was delivered at 1 lb 6 oz. Rosa only got to see Matthew one time. He passed away later that night and 18 days later Katelyn also passed away in surgery.

"I will never forget the day or the feeling leaving Children's hospital empty handed. I think about them every day," Chiu said.

Today the couple has been blessed with two healthy children - Michael Alden and Kristen Elyse Booma.

"As a small tribute the children were given names that share the same initials as the twins - MAB and KEB," Rosa said.

And in honor of all four of them, this Spring she'll be running in the 120th Boston Marathon. Rosa will be running with the Brigham and Women's Stepping Strong Foundation.

"The message I want to send is not to lose hope and that's what the Stepping Strong fund is all about," Rosa said.

Rosa recently got a stress fracture on her left ankle, so most of her training right now is cardio and weightlifting. She hopes to be back on the road again at the end of February.

She knows the marathon will be big challenge but she also knows she's not running it for herself.

"No matter what, I am going to be thinking about all the people who helped in donations for Stepping Strong. I'll be thinking about all four of my kids. Michael and Kristen will be waiting for me at the finish line while Matthew and Katelyn will be watching me from above," Rosa said.

For details on her story and how to donate online, visit

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