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'A Sense Of Peace': Boston Streets Transformed During Snowstorm

BOSTON (CBS) - Crews were plowing, shoveling and moving more than a foot of snow any way they could in Boston Thursday afternoon.

"Tough going, not a lot to places to put this much snow I would say in the city," said Brian Mahoney.

The Boston Common was the place to burn off some energy from all that remote learning.

"We've got kids from the neighborhood meeting in Boston Common to go sledding in the little hill there and as you can see they enjoy snow much more than I do," said John Ash.

"I know my family and my two girls were enjoying it cause it helps us get out of the house helps us think about our world a little differently," Yucan Chiu.

Yucan Chiu is vacationing in Boston for the holidays. He had his camera in hand and was creating his own snowy holiday postcards of city landmarks during the storm.

"There is a sense of peace and I think especially in this year we need some of that peace," said Chiu.

In Downtown Crossing, the streets transformed from empty to somewhat busy for a snowstorm during a pandemic.

Throughout the day people paused their work from home routines and got outside to take it all in.

"The decorations and seeing the snow it really makes it feel like Christmas because this year has been so weird in so many ways, but especially the decorations it's made everything better," said Katie Sautter.

Many are hoping the snow lasts so we can have a white Christmas in the city.

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