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'Monster' Lobster Caught Off Gloucester

Monster Lobster
(Credit: Good Morning Gloucester)

GLOUCESTER (CBS) -- A lobsterman in Gloucester found quite a surprise in his trap -- an unusually larger lobster, caught off the coast last week.

The crew of Skipper Lou Williams' The Pretty Girl caught the crustacean, but released it back into the water after snapping some photos. They estimated it weighed around 20 pounds.

It's not the first time unusual lobsters have been caught in local waters.

Last year, a 21-pound lobster was caught off the Cape.

According to the Massachusetts Lobstermens Association, the largest lobster ever caught in the state was 37.4 pounds and caught off Cape Cod.

And it's not just size that sets local lobsters apart lately.

In October, a black and orange lobster was caught in Beverly.

On The Good Morning Gloucester website, a photo gallery shows some of the different-looking lobsters they have seen over the years.

Some of those mutants include blue and spotted lobsters.

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