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Monkey Escapes From Springfield Zoo

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) -- A monkey named Dizzy escaped from his enclosure at the Springfield Zoo and was still on the loose Wednesday morning.

The zoo's opening was postponed until noon Wednesday as employees attempted to recapture the 12-pound Guenon monkey. The zoo said Dizzy escaped while an employee was cleaning his enclosure, and is still on zoo property.

In a statement, the zoo said they had the monkey "very close" to being back in his enclosure Tuesday night--until someone in a crowd that had gathered to watch their recapture attempts threw an object at Dizzy, scaring him off.

"We are now pleading with the public and the media to stay away from the zoo until Dizzy is returned safely," said Darlene Blaney, the zoo's business manager, in a statement Wednesday morning. "This could take days, so we appreciate your cooperation."

Employees are hoping Dizzy will get hungry enough to come back, but said they are working with local authorities and city officials to get him home safe.

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