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Molly Smith becomes first woman to qualify for Massachusetts Amateur Championship

Molly Smith becomes first woman to qualify for Mass-Am Championship
Molly Smith becomes first woman to qualify for Mass-Am Championship 02:04

WESTFORD — Molly Smith, an 18-year-old from Westford Academy, has become the first woman to qualify for the Massachusetts Amateur Championship. 

For the first time in more than 90 years, the "great field" in Essex will see a female golfer on the green.

"I mean, to be honest, I don't really look at it like that," Smith told WBZ-TV. "I just look at it as an opportunity to go and compete against a really great field."

The championship tees off on Monday and throughout the tournament, Smith will be playing the same course as the boys which features longer holes than what she's used to. 

"It's not so far different where it's a huge adjustment," she said. "It's maybe just a club or two on each hole."

Smith began playing competitive golf at the age of 10. She spent her early years playing alongside her dad, a former pro golfer himself. 

"I've loved golf from the get-go so I was playing pretty much as soon I could walk," said Smith.   

Now, she has earned the title of high school champ and is on the course every day playing roughly 70 hours a week according to her dad. 

"But you just keep grinding," she said. "Try to get better every day."

That's a mantra she's followed religiously throughout her career. Now with the Mass-Am championship coming up, Smith hopes it's just another test on her way to bigger things.

"I definitely do see myself try to play professionally," she said. 

Regardless of where she places, Smith's future in golf will continue as she heads off to the University of Central Florida on a golf scholarship in the fall. 

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