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Mo Vaughn Reflects On Red Sox Career, Team's Recent Success

BOSTON (CBS) -- Mo Vaughn never got to experience postseason glory with the Red Sox, but the former Boston slugger is certainly soaking in the franchise's decade of success.

Vaughn joined WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Adam Kaufman to discuss a number of topics, including how it felt when the team finally won a World Series championship in 2004. "The Hit Dog" said that win lifted a weight not just off his shoulders, but the shoulders of anyone who had donned a Boston uniform during that 86-year title drought.

"When the Sox clinched the comeback against the Yankees, and that next week when they won the World Series, it felt like a tremendous weight was lifted off of me. I'm sure that all of us who were Sox players at the time or had any significant time with the organization, felt that release," he said. "You heard '1918' until someone could break that curse, and when it was broken in 2004, none of us had to hear that anymore. We get to talk trash, talk to Yankee fans, talk to whoever about what our organization is now.

"It helps all of us live a better life, believe me," added Vaughn.

Vaughn was beloved by fans during his eight seasons in Boston, winning AL MVP honors in 1995 when the team captured the AL East. He left for a big contract with the then Anaheim Angels in 1999, but said he never experienced anything like he did during his days with the Red Sox.

"It was never the same. When you stepped into Fenway Park, you came to play hard ball. People knew if you didn't play the right way, and I think that made you a better player. That can never be matched," said Vaughn. "It was always understanding that you had to go out and produce, no matter what the circumstances were. There were expectations, and that was a great thing.

Vaughn also discussed Boston's latest division title, David Ortiz's farewell, and his new clothing line. Listen to the full podcast below:

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