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Summer Of Savings: MIT Museum's 'Idea Hub'

BOSTON (CBS) –  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is doing its part to keep kids engaged and enriched while school is out, avoiding the dreaded "summer slide."

They are inviting families to come explore and create with little to no cost at all.

MIT Museum's "Idea Hub" in Cambridge lets kids and kind at heart explore and create using engineering and design principles.

"I think it is wonderful and inspiring to be here at MIT where there are so many incredibly inventive ideas happening," parent Laura Hoopes says.

Through a variety of activities, children can create apps, learn programming from scratch and construct wearable circuits.

MIT's Idea Hub. (WBZ-TV)

Idea Hub coordinator Hugh Phear says that no matter the level of experience, you are guaranteed to have an enriching day.

"If you're curious about how things are made and how to make things and how things work which I find pretty much anyone when it comes to the museum is, there is something for you in the Idea Hub," says Phear.

While MIT may be one of the most renowned tech institution sin the country, they make sure the Idea Hub is a resource within everyone's reach.

The Idea Hub is open on the weekends from noon-4 p.m., and daily from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. during the month of July.

It is free with museum admission, which is $5 for kids 18 and under.

"Generally I find people come in and once they start engaging in the activity, they stay for some time and usually leave having a positive," Phear said.

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