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Missing New Bedford Fishing Boat Found Submerged Off Martha's Vineyard

BOSTON (CBS) – A fishing boat that sunk in the waters off Martha's Vineyard last month was located Sunday. Massachusetts Environmental Police confirmed the Leonardo was found at the bottom of the ocean using sonar and a remote operated camera.

Three New Bedford based fishermen were lost at sea when the boat was hit by rogue waves on November 24.

"We had no time to get survival gear on, not even a life vest," lone survivor Ernesto Garcia told WBZ-TV days after he was rescued. "It just happened in a split of a second. There was no chance for nothing except holding your breath."

Boat captain Gerry Bretal, and fishermen Mark Cormier Jr. and Xavier Vega are presumed dead. Rescue crews suspended the search for the men about 24 hours after the accident.

Leonardo Boat
The Leonardo, based out of New Bedford. (Courtesy Photo)

The Coast Guard received a distress call from the Leonardo just after 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, November 24. The signal came from 24 nautical miles southwest of Martha's Vineyard.

"I've never seen water rush in on a boat that fast in my life," Garcia said.

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