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Couple Finds Missing Hamilton Girl Injured On Side Of Rowley Road

BOSTON (CBS) – The couple who found a missing Hamilton girl in a pile of leaves on Newbury Road in Rowley remains shaken by the experience.

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As he headed with his wife to work, Tom Crosby saw out of the corner of his eye what he thought was a child or perhaps even a doll. It was enough to make him turn the car around.

"Lo and behold there was a little child sitting in the leaves, just sitting there," he tells WBZ-TV.

Crosby found the girl naked, her head shaven, with a large cut on her forehead.

"She looked like she was in a bit of shock, shivering and shaking. I tried not to startle her. I approached her slowly and I noticed she was cold so I went over to her," Crosby told WBZ-TV.

Rowley Hamilton search
Police sealed off the area in Rowley where the girl was found Friday. (WBZ-TV)

The Ipswich resident was still visibly shaken by the experience, even several hours later. His wife, who was with him in the car, called 911 and he wrapped the child in a coat and put her in his car to get warm.

Crosby says he couldn't tell at first if the child was male or female given her condition.

"I asked her name and if she was hurt at all. I thought I heard 'no' at one point and decided it was safe to pick her up," Crosby said.

He had seen earlier on the news pictures of the little girl and the ongoing investigation in Hamilton into her disappearance.

By the time police arrived he put the pieces together and knew who he had found. He says it was fate that he drove by at that moment.

"Perhaps it was luck, an act of God, but it was me," said Crosby, who says it looked like the girl had been placed in the leaves.

Crosby is just pleased the girl received medical care and has been reunited with her family.

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