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'She Elevated And Inspired', WBZ Mourns Loss Of Meteorologist Mish Michaels

BOSTON (CBS) - We are incredibly sad to report the loss of a member of our WBZ family. Mish Michaels, who was part of our weather team for 7 years, has passed away.

Mish was a friendly, reliable, curious meteorologist who loved science. She began forecasting weather in the 1990s and joined us here at WBZ in 2001. Mish chased tornadoes, flew into hurricanes, and brightened our lives - always sharing her enthusiasm for science and weather.

To us, she was a friend. But Mish was so much more. In a statement posted on Facebook, Mish's husband called her a devoted mother, wife, daughter, auntie, friend, and stellar equestrian.

Mish had the ability to brighten up every room she entered, and we at WBZ are sending her family our love.

In the words of Mish's friend and colleague, WBZ-TV Executive Weather Producer Terry Eliasen:

For the first time in my 20 years at WBZ, I sit at my keyboard not knowing what to write. I feel like I could type a 1,000 page novel but yet I have no words. It seems anything I say about Mish Michaels just isn't enough. For those that didn't know her, I feel I cannot possibly portray just how amazingly brilliant she was. For those that did, you know… there are simply no words.

Mish was so many things to so many people. A brilliant meteorologist. A dear friend. A loving wife and mother. She was one of those rare human beings that excelled at everything she did. Most knew her from her many years on TV in Boston. If you lived here in the 90s and early 2000's, you knew Mish Michaels. She began her meteorology career on WMUR in Manchester but quickly made it to "the big time" in Boston. She became a household name while working at WHDH and then at WBZ from 2001-2009.

In a field dominated by men for decades, Mish was determined to pave the way for women meteorologists, not just here in Boston, but throughout the country. And she did just that. Mish was, in a word, brilliant. She was the most prepared, diligent, and dedicated meteorologist that I have ever worked with. She elevated and inspired those around her. Mish could have done anything she wanted. She could have been a leader in just about any industry. The fact that she chose meteorology was not by chance; I believe it was meant to be.

When Mish was in kindergarten, a tornado tore through her apartment complex down in Baltimore, Maryland. She always pointed to that experience as the first time she became fascinated by the weather. She never looked back. I often wondered, if that chance encounter with that tornado had never occurred, might she be a famous artist or author, or perhaps a world-renowned equestrian… just some of her "hobbies" in the years since she left TV. I can't stop thinking about how blessed we were in the meteorological community that she chose us. She went on to be, in my mind, one of the all-time greats in Boston TV history and perhaps the most influential woman of her day in broadcast science.

With a license plate that read "T-STORM", her love and passion for the weather was undeniable and contagious. She had this amazing energy about her, an undeniable presence. When she walked in any room, she lit it up. From a small meeting space at WBZ to a weather conference with thousands of scientists, she had an aura about her that was evident. She immediately became the focal point, not because of any ego but instead just because, well, she was Mish.

Mish Michaels
Mish Michaels (Family photo)

On a personal level, Mish was, in large part, responsible for shaping my career. We worked together for nearly 15 years spanning two stations. There is no doubt in my mind, that if it weren't for Mish, my 20 years at WBZ would have never happened. And I am just one of the countless people lucky enough to have had Mish in their lives and to call her a friend. The stories of the people she touched along her journey and the lives she enriched could fill thousands of pages.

Even though it had been some 13 years since we last worked together, Mish and I stayed in close contact. She was as genuine a friend that anyone could ask for. Our last communication was, of course, about the weather.

I started this blog saying, there are no words, and now I feel like I could go on forever. Life is short. We need to make the most of our time on Earth. Mish did just that. I will forever cherish every second I spent with her and am beyond grateful to have known such an amazing woman.

Mish would often end her letters or emails by saying "sunny skies".

Now, it's my turn. Mish, I wish you eternal sunny skies.

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