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It Happens Here: Milton's New England Base Camp A Hidden Gem In The Blue Hills

MILTON (CBS) – The executive director calls it a "hidden gem."

New England Base Camp, nestled in the Blue Hills just off Unquity Road, has existed since the 1950s as a Boy Scouts of America facility. But the Scouts' Spirit of Adventure Council decided a few years ago to open it to the general public.

"We started to open this place up and really unlock the scouting curriculum for all kids," says Chuck Eaton, executive director of the Spirit of Adventure Council.

And that curriculum is pretty awesome - archery, axe-throwing, rock-climbing, fire-starting, a ropes course, outdoor cooking classes and more.

"Pretty much everything under the sun. If it is an outdoor activity, we do it here," Eaton told WBZ-TV.

There's also an indoor facility, mostly closed at the moment by the pandemic, where the kids can learn to swim or learn about robotics and animation.

And each activity aims to teach the kids about more than just the activity itself. After an archery or axe throwing lesson, for instance, the kids will learn about the physics behind them.

"You can learn about bees and sustainable farms where you're growing your own food and cooking your own food in the outdoors," Eaton says. "It's outdoor education, character education and community building."

The summer camp at Base is already filled up, but Eaton is hoping they will be able to accept more campers once coronavirus restrictions loosen further.

Day passes for families are available now. You can learn more and sign up at

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