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Man Arrested In Milton Home Invasion, Kidnapping

MILTON (CBS) – A man has been arrested in connection with a home invasion and kidnapping of a Milton couple.

"It's very unusual for the town of Milton," said Deputy Chief James O'Neil of the Milton Police.

Police say a husband and wife were targeted Monday around 9:30 a.m. The husband was standing outside his house on Blue Hill Ave. when he was approached by two men with guns and was brought back inside.

"He was restrained; hands and feet were duct-taped," said O'Neil. "He was held there alone inside the house for approximately six hours."

The two men allegedly ransacked the house until his wife returned home from work. Police say the two men then placed the husband in his own vehicle and the wife in hers and drove off.

The husband was driven to Blue Hills Bank in Hyde Park and forced to take out cash while his wife was driven to another location.

"Kind of keeping her as an insurance policy that he's going to do what they demanded," O'Neil said.

According to court documents, surveillance cameras captured the suspect outside the bank and at a nearby Stop and Shop pushing a shopping cart.

The husband had to think fast.

"When he was doing this transaction at the bank, he did write a note on the back of a slip alerting the teller to what was transpiring," O'Neil said.

The husband and wife were released separately and unharmed. Police arrested one suspect Monday night. The other is still on the run.

Milton Police are now looking into a possible connection to a similar case in Hyde Park.

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