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2 Workers Rescued After Being Trapped In A Boiler

MILLBURY (CBS) -- Two workers were rescued by technical rescue teams from a building on Southwest Cutoff Road in Millbury Sunday afternoon. The workers, both men, were trapped in an industrial boiler, about 30 feet down into a 70-foot section at Wheelabrator, first responders on scene said.

The men were not injured.

According to Millbury Fire Chief Richard Hamilton, the furnace was turned off so the men could do the routine cleaning but their equipment malfunctioned.

"You can imagine what window washers use on a high rise, that's exactly what they had. One cable was good, the other one jammed," said Hamilton.

Members of the fire departments, EMS, and tech crews from Millbury, Auburn, and Oxford all responded to the incident.

The rescue took about two and a half hours.

Hamilton said the men were in good spirits the whole time. "They were just fine, they were comfortable, they just wanted to get out, they were getting hungry, nothing major though."

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