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New migrant shelter to open in Boston's Seaport, neighbors eager for information

Fort Point residents want more information about emergency shelter
Fort Point residents want more information about emergency shelter 02:44

BOSTON - It's been confirmed that 24 Farnsworth Street in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston's Seaport will be the next overflow shelter for up to 100 migrants, and beyond that, neighbors in the area are eager for more information.

"We have no additional updates at this time but will share further details with you when they are finalized," said Brigid Boyd of United Way, which will oversee the shelter.

The space inside 24 Farnsworth is primarily office space, with open offices on the top two floors that will likely be converted to migrant housing. They're currently glass offices with some couches and chairs. A primary concern is the lack of bathrooms and showers.

"Residents are looking for answers, and they haven't received them yet," explained Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn, who represents this area.

Fort Point shelter
Office space at 24 Farnsworth Street in the Fort Point neighborhood will be converted into an emergency shelter CBS Boston

A particular concern he's heard is that there's only one shower at the future overflow shelter, and there are tentative plans to bus migrants to local YMCAs for services including showers. "I don't think that system work," he said. "The logistics don't make any sense."

Many residents who spoke to WBZ are ready to welcome migrants with open arms. "I think it's a great idea," said Marcello Cesar who lives nearby. "[We should use] more than the top two floors."

"We need to deal with the refugees with compassion," said Steward Landers, who works next door. "I think some of our staff are already trying to raise clothes and personal hygiene goods."

But others say this plan - to continue to find space to convert to overflow shelters - is a Band-Aid on a bullet hole. "I think we can all agree this is ridiculous," said local resident Alli Achtmeyer. "I mean the governor doesn't have these people living in her home as she suggested that the rest of us take them into our home. So, it's feeling very hypocritical at this stage."

A meeting was held on Tuesday night with the Fort Point Neighborhood Association where residents voiced their concerns about the shelter. 

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