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Middleboro's 'Blessing Box' offers chance to 'take what you need'

Middleboro's 'Blessing Box' offers chance to 'take what you need'
Middleboro's 'Blessing Box' offers chance to 'take what you need' 02:11

MIDDLEBORO - Decorated with flowers and butterflies and a sign reading: "Take what you need, leave what you can," the Blessing Box in Middleboro is meant to be inviting for the people who need it most. It was created by 7-year-old Gabby Smith and her family. 

"We get soup, pasta, cereal, even some people thought of deodorants and stuff like that," said Susan Chicoine, Gabby's grandma.

"Help the community and people who need it," said Gabby.

"There's a lot of people in need of food that don't have it. Or there's food pantries, but they're not open at that time, so we decided that we would do the blessing box," said Chicoine.

Since it went up in their front yard on June 5th, there's been a steady flow of activity with items being left and taken. 

"I guess I have to say there is people that care," said Chicoine, adding, "I'm sure people would help me if I needed. This has been a good lesson for her - knowing how to pay it forward."

After seeing the success of their blessing box, the Smith family is hoping to inspire a spirit of giving in the community by building another blessing box for a family that lives in South Middleboro.

"What we'll do is we'll dig a hole with the post hole digger. And we'll put it in and put cement in there to support it to stay up there. So it will look like the other one," said Chicoine.

"Decorate, paint and be able to help people," said Gabby. 

"It makes me feel great that we're making a difference. We're making a difference and helping people who need it," said Chicoine.


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