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Keller @ Large: Mayoral Candidate Michelle Wu Says Boston 'Can't Afford To Just Nibble Around The Edges Of The Status Quo'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boston City Councilor at Large Michelle Wu will face off against fellow Boston City Councilor at Large Annissa Essaibi George in the mayoral election.

"The beauty of city government and what I love about being involved at this level closest to the people is that it cuts across any rigid type of ideological or political views," Wu told Keller when he asked if her liberal label was accurate. "In city government, it's about getting things done, not being judged on a scorecard of whether you said yes or no on certain things."

"When you talk about climate change, I think people would associate that as being a more progressive issue, but the reality is that when we implement changes at the city level, it is not only the best for reducing emissions and making sure we are meeting our goals, it also saves money and therefore makes the most sense from a fiscal perspective," said Wu.

As an example, Wu said she believes electric school buses would give out less pollution, have a longer life span, and could be used as mobile charging sources in cases of emergencies.

"Every time I hear someone describe our vision as pie in the sky, in fact, that is a badge of pride because we are fighting for what our communities need right now," Wu said. "We can't afford to just nibble around the edges of the status quo. We need to take the actions that will actually secure our neighborhoods, ensure that everyone has opportunity, and connect us to what's possible in our future."

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When Keller asked if Wu planned to "defund the police," she said more resources need to "be invested in the combination of public safety and public health. But we have to use our dollars wisely and so we must reallocate dollars investing more overall in how we respond to the needs and the crisis calls that are coming in every day to our city."

Wu has been endorsed by the Teamsters, the United Auto Workers, and the Alliance of MBTA Unions. Essaibi George has been endorsed by police, firefighter, and nurses unions.

"I will ensure that we're appointing a Chief of Worker Empowerment so that every step we're taking to reinvest in our community doesn't come at the expense of the working families that are making that happen every day. How city government interacts with our unions, with our workers out in the community, and with the jobs of the future, should all fit together nicely," Wu said.

She would like to see unions grow in the city. "This is how we bring equity, stability, and opportunity to all of our families."

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