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Michael Felger Joins Twitter: 'I Was Not Hacked'

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's as if dogs and cats are living together harmoniously, or like hell has frozen over.

Michael Felger has joined Twitter.

Yes, the man known for screaming "GET OFF THE INTERNET!" who often rails against the "sandbox" that is Twitter, has finally, at long last, issued his first-ever tweet:

Felger's had the account since 2009 -- only following his wife, 98.5 The Sports Hub and CSNNE -- but has never once utilized the account.

But now, Felger is just a regular old Twitter user, poised to waste his time scrolling endlessly and engaging in daily Twitter beefs.

Well, maybe. While Felger didn't reveal exactly why he's joining the social media revolution nearly a decade after it began, he did confirm that the account is very much real.

"Little dirty, gotta admit it," Felger said when asked how it felt to send out his first tweet.

Apparently, there is more to come from Felger on social media. But as his follower count grows, it feels as though it's only a matter of time before he gets drawn in like the rest of society.

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