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A Mic'd Up Mac Jones Was Talking Trash To Darius Slay, Devin White During Pro Bowl

BOSTON (CBS) -- Mac Jones may have been a rookie last season, but when he spoke to the media, he always acted like a seasoned veteran. Always cautious with what he said, Jones followed in the footsteps of Tom Brady by giving opponents nothing in terms of bulletin-board material, while always being self-critical about his own play.

On the field, though, Mac is apparently much more of a character. And some well-placed microphones during last weekend's Pro Bowl gave us a glimpse of that side of the quarterback.

Jones got plenty of face time in a 20-minute video released by the NFL on Wednesday, a video which showed he's developed quite a few relationships around the league already.

He's also not afraid to spit some trash talk. After throwing his touchdown pass to Hunter Renfrow capped a 95-yard drive by the AFC, Jones offered up some playful -- but kind of serious -- banter with Buccaneers linebacker Devin White and Eagles cornerback Darius Slay.

"What's up, bro? Remember when I torched y'all in training camp?" Jones said to Slay.

After Slay asked what Jones had just said, Mac reiterated: "That was like training camp. When I torched y'all."

Slay, naturally, pushed back on that idea, telling Jones, "I whooped y'all ass in training camp."

But Mac held his ground.

"No way!" Jones said. "When I went in?"

Jones was also mixing it up with White after the score.

"Where were you at? Where were you at the whole drive? The whole drive," Jones said to White. "The whole drive you were playing with your phone."

At the end of their exchange, which was playful, Jones told White, "Bro, that was good. Stop lifting so many weights."

Opponents weren't the only victims of Mac's trash talk, though, as he was dishing it out against his oldest teammate, Matthew Slater, on the sidelines.

"I wish I played with Slater back in the '80s," Jones said to Matthew Judon, when Slater was within earshot. "They had the leather helmets."

Jones also got in the ears of the officiating crew, after they whistled him down, thus negating his long touchdown run.

"Neither of them tagged me down, though," Jones argued while butting in to the officials' huddle. "I cut it, and I would at least get forward progress. That's a bad spot."

When an official told Jones that he sounded winded, the quarterback replied, "I haven't been running at all. I've been working out, though. Doing all sorts of bands and stuff."

Outside of the smack talk, Jones was chumming it up with a lot of the NFL's stars, including Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs' quarterback encouraged Jones to go the Griddy on the way out of the tunnel before the game, advice which Jones took to heart later on. Mahomes also let Jones lead the AFC on the final drive, during which Jones completed a fourth-down pass to ice the victory.

"I let Mac go, let him experience it," a mic'd up Mahomes said.

Jones also let Diontae Johnson why he went to him for a two-point conversion.

"You know why I threw it to you is because you actually ran during practice a little bit," Jones told the Steelers receiver. "Everyone else is jogging."

During the game, when Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons absolutely decked Johnson, Jones made a bee line for Parsons.

"Hey, bro!" Jones said to Parsons. "Hey, speed up a little! Speed up a little!"

Throughout the game, Jones showed a good command while leading the huddle, right down to the final plays, when he was able to line up his teammates in the victory formation.

After the win, Jones received a rather strong endorsement from Bucs receiver Mike Evans, who told the quarterback, "You swaggy, boy!"

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