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MGH Surgeon Predicts Coronavirus In Massachusetts Will Soon Look Like New York

BOSTON (CBS) -- Hospital staff around the country are treating coronavirus patients while trying to keep themselves safe. A surgeon on the front lines at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) said it has been a big change.

"The biggest challenge right now with this COVID-19 is just the change of how the hospital is working," said Myron Rolle, a neurosurgery resident at MGH. "If you were to look at this hospital five months ago it would be completely different."

Dr. Rolle said the hospital sees 50 to 100 patients suspected to have the coronavirus every day. He said they come from New Hampshire, Maine and other nearby states.

His predicted outlook for the future was grim.

"I think Massachusetts right now is a little bit behind New York, but in a week or two, from what we're hearing, it's probably going to reach New York or even supercede New York honestly," Dr. Rolle said.

Even so, he said everyone has an important role to play in stopping the spread of the virus.


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