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Methuen Police Hunt For Armed Suspect Who Said 'He Was There For His Stepfather'

METHUEN (CBS) – Police are searching for a man they say broke into a Methuen home and shot a resident in what is being called a "targeted attack."

Police Chief Joseph Solomon told WBZ-TV, "He said he was there for his stepfather. He loved him."

The suspect was allegedly hunting for the 46-year-old homeowner of the Elmwood Road home.

The alleged attacker first encountered the homeowner's son. The homeowner came out of his bedroom after hearing the child yell, "Take whatever you want."

Solomon said there was a scuffle over the alleged attacker's gun and then, "The suspect shoots the father in the thigh."

"He then flees the house and on the way out he takes a couple of items," Solomon also said.

Investigators say the surveillance video reveals two details that standout. The first is how relaxed he appeared as he approached the house. The second is that the suspect appeared to be wearing L. L. Bean winter boots. Solomon says those boots "are not a common sight around here."

The victim is receiving treatment for his wound at a local hospital and Methuen Police say the victim is not cooperating with investigators.

Police also say there is no connection between this incident and the ongoing manhunt in Lowell.

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