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NH Family Thankful For Amazon Driver's Act Of Kindness Caught On Doorbell Camera

MERRIMACK, N.H. (CBS) – A New Hampshire family is thankful for an Amazon driver's act of kindness that was caught on a doorbell camera.

Kelly Leary said the wind pulled down an American flag at her home in Merrimack. The Amazon driver, Brendalis Garcia, put it back up in its rightful place.

"I noticed that the flag was out on their lawn," Garcia said. "I put the flag back on the pole, on the holder. I was trying to like unravel it and it wasn't working so I took it back down, undid it and made sure it was up where it needed to be."

The tattered flag means a lot to the family who received it from an uncle that passed away from cancer. "I could see her unraveling the flag and I just couldn't believe it," Leary said.

By the time Leary made it outside, Garcia was gone. So she took to Facebook to express her gratitude. The post went viral and on Wednesday, the Learys and Garcia met through Zoom.

"What you did as small as it might have felt to you, it was huge to us and we really do appreciate it," Leary said.

Garcia, for her part, said it was no trouble.

"It doesn't cost anything to be kind and do what you need to do to be a good person in the world," Garcia said. "Honestly that's the positivity and the energy I want to put out."

An Amazon spokesman said Garcia, a driver from Amazon delivery service partner Sooner Transportation, has been with the Army Reserves for the last 14 years. She's been an Amazon driver for the last two years.

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