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Melting Snow Reveals Tons Of Trash In Boston

BOSTON – Warmer temperatures are helping to melt the abundance of snow that fell on Boston this winter, but you may not believe what's been hiding underneath it all. What's left behind, isn't pretty.

"The snow melting, it's disgusting all the trash left behind. I work downtown and you can see like the confetti that's coming through from the Patriots parade," said Aurora Soliz.

It could take two months for city crews to clean up all of the trash left behind from the melting snow.

"This is what we're calling our next snow storm," says Public Works Commissioner Michael Dennehy. "What's being unearthed is pretty gory."

Dennehy says night sweeping began Tuesday, and day sweeping will begin Thursday. Still, he says it could be mid-May before all of the trash is cleared from city streets.

"You can imagine some of the stuff we're finding: tires, milk crates, parking cones, pieces of asphalt. We even found a hydrant in Mattapan Square the other day," says Dennehy.

Workers brought 40,000 truckloads of snow to the city's snow farms. Now, orange street cones and shopping carts are emerging.

"There's an inside bet as to what the tonnage is for the material that was collected," says Dennehy.

In a city where snow farms have become destinations and buried abandoned cars are sprouting like the first flowers of the season, patience is all relative. Thankfully, the city says it won't cost too much more money to clear all the garbage.

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