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Time to clean out your medicine cabinet and take stock of expired meds

Why it's time to clean out your medicine cabinet
Why it's time to clean out your medicine cabinet 01:11

BOSTON - You may want to take stock of your medicine cabinet and make some changes

First of all, your medicine cabinet is probably in your bathroom where it's often warm and humid, which can cause pills to break down more easily, so it's better to store your medications in a cool, dry location. Also, if you have young children, be careful keeping medications in the bathroom or a kitchen cabinet that can be easily accessed by a toddler.

You also want to check any expiration dates on your medications; pills will probably last a little past that date but liquid medications often don't, so it may be time to replace nasal sprays, cough syrups, or your EpiPen. Get rid of any controlled substances, like narcotics, that you no longer need.

And remember, don't flush old medications down the toilet.  Best to cover them in cat litter or coffee grounds before putting them in the trash or look for a take-back program that will handle expired drugs. To find a take-back program near you, click here.

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