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Medical School Students Learn How To Administer COVID-19 Vaccines To Help Nurses

WORCESTER (CBS) -- UMass Medical School students are joining the fight against the coronavirus. Graduate School of Nursing students teamed up with the School of Medicine students to help teach them how to administer the COVID-19 vaccinations as they become more widely available.

First-year medical students Jackie Do and Colin Rivet both took part in the training together held at the senior center in Worcester over the weekend.

"There are so many people who need this vaccine to try stomp out COVID and get that herd immunity number as high as possible," said Rivet.

"I think that a lot of the burden has been placed on nurses to do all these injections and granted that we want as many people as possible to get vaccinated it just becomes a huge toll for our nurses. So we're itching to get in, do anything clinical," said Do.

More than 150 medical students took part in the training this weekend. They will now be able to administer the various COVID-19 vaccinations to first responders, who can begin receiving the vaccine on Monday.

"I am extremely proud that our students will be able to take the responsibility of vaccinating first responders who have played such an important role throughout the pandemic," said UMass Medical School Chancellor Dr. Michael F Collins.

"I am just very glad that this is the beginning of the end and to be part of that is huge," said Do.

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