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New App Helps Parents Keep Track Of Medical Records

BOSTON (CBS) - A new app could change the way parents and individuals keep track of health issues and medical records.

Caremap, an iPhone app designed by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Duke University, will hopefully one day replace all that paper parents accumulate from multiple visits to the doctor.

(Image credit: Caremap)

Mothers and fathers can input the usual medications, allergies and hospitalizations, but the app can also track symptoms and behaviors.

"Pain, sleep, mood, bathroom habits, nutrition... temper tantrums or school attendance or whatever is important to your child and your family," Dr. Michael Docktor of Boston Children's Hospital told WBZ-TV.


It's especially helpful to Katie Litterer, a mother of 9-year-old twins who were born premature and have had a lifetime of chronic illnesses.

"The portability is something that will aid me in being the best mom and representative for both of my children," she told WBZ.

Having the app on hand means Litterer doesn't have to remember everything when they go from specialist to specialist.

"You walk out and think, gosh I should have asked this, said this, mentioned this, done that and this is really going to help me walk out saying I checked every single box," she said.

Caremap is not limited to kids. Adults can use it, too.

But, there are some limitations. Only one child can be tracked at a time and parents can't sync between iPhones, but improvements are in the works.

The Caremap app is currently available in the Apple app store for free.

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