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Poll shows most media, team management members expect Jayden Daniels to be drafted No. 2 overall

Patriots legend Ty Law launches Corvus Vodka line
Patriots legend Ty Law launches Corvus Vodka line 03:51

BOSTON -- Football fans, rejoice! The NFL Draft is actually going to happen somewhat soon. This endless stretch of mock drafts, reports, speculation and rumor-mongering that makes up the NFL's Silly Season™ will finally come to an end in less than two weeks, when actual teams make actual picks on your actual television (or phone) screen.

This is exciting.

Alas, we're not through the woods of Silly Season™ just yet. And in the meantime, we're all left to wonder exactly what will happen after Caleb Williams goes No. 1 overall to the Bears.

And while the knowledge amassed by members of the football media may vary from in-depth to bare minimum, there is at least some value in gauging where the writers stand on this draft. And Rick Gosselin's Power Poll of "people from media, team management, and league management" believes overwhelmingly that LSU's Jayden Daniels will be drafted with the No. 2 overall pick.

With 140 respondents out of the 451-member polling group, 68.6 percent believe Daniels will be selected second overall. 

The poll didn't specify that Daniels would be selected by the Washington Commanders, who own that No. 2 overall pick, just that the Heisman winner will be taken immediately after Williams.

Quarterback Drake Maye received 20.7 percent of that vote, followed by wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. (6.4 percent), quarterback J.J. McCarthy (5 percent) and quarterback Michael Penix Jr., a real wild card of a choice with 1.4 percent of the votes.

(Disclosure: I voted in the poll. So subtract one of those 96 votes for Daniels if you don't trust this particular fool's outlook on the draft.)

What all of that means in terms of what Washington and/or a team that trades up and/or the Patriots at No. 3 end up doing come April 25? Nothing! As stated, it's Silly Season O'Clock until the real clock strikes 8 p.m. two Thursdays from now.

It does, however, confirm that despite the surge of positive reporting about McCarthy soaring up draft boards and being a realistic option at both No. 2 and No. 3 overall, such a choice would still represent a major surprise among most folks who are following this as closely as possible.

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