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Medford Police Searching For Suspects After Shots Fired In Residential Neighborhood

MEDFORD (CBS) – MEDFORD – Medford police are seeking a pair of drivers – one with a gun – after a shooting incident in a residential neighborhood.

Surveillance video by a resident of the neighborhood shows the shots fired in broad daylight. As the driver of a silver SUV gets back into the car, a black BMW hits the SUV and takes off.

Neighbors along Saltonstall Road found the two vehicles abandoned on the side of the road. Both had bullet holes in the windshields.
Police had the area blocked off with crime scene tape as they went door-to-door in the neighborhood.

"They said it was probably a drug deal went bad," said witness Dr. Melvin Levine.

Police and K9s searched St. Raphael's Church nearby.

"We believe the people involved in the car accident passed through church property," said Father Paul Coughlan of St. Raphael's.

Medford police have not confirmed that the two scenes are related. Police are still searching for the suspects involved in the shooting and haven't released information about a possible motive. Residents in the area were asked to remain in their homes.

"We've lived here for 48 years and that's never happened," said witness Pat Levine.

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