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Neighbors Pull Driver From Burning SUV After Horrific In Crash Into Medford Home

MEDFORD (CBS) – Several people rushed out of their homes late Thursday night to pull a driver from the burning wreckage of an SUV after a violent crash in a front yard in Medford.

The SUV hit a tree on Lawrence Road just after 11 p.m. and then a house before breaking apart into several pieces and bursting into flames. The crash was recorded on surveillance cameras outside the home.

"It spun, hit and ran into my neighbor's house and it lit up in flames," said Ruben Montano-Lopez.

He was one of a group of neighbors who ran outside and pulled the driver from the burning SUV.

"I approached with the extinguisher and did what I could, try to put out the flames, somebody else also joined with another extinguisher and they were able to pull him out the window he was yelling, 'Get me out I can't be here,'" Montano-Lopez said.

medford crash
The SUV burst into flames after hitting the house on Lawrence Road. (Surveillance image credit: Patrick Theberge)

"We saw the car on fire and there was debris and tree limbs everywhere. It was pretty traumatic," said neighbor Kerry Radochia. "Everybody kind of yelling to each other, is somebody in the car, who has a fire extinguisher?"

"We all ran over hoping everything would be ok. Fortunately we heard him yelling, 'Get me out! Get me out,'" her husband Bill told WBZ-TV.

The SUV's engine hit the house before landing in the bushes and catching fire.

The Medford firefighters' union said the driver was rushed to the hospital and no one in the house was hurt.

There's no word yet on the driver's condition or what caused the crash.

"This nightmare scenario could have gone significantly worse if not for the courageous actions of the bystanders and quick work of the responding companies," Medford Firefighters Local 1032 said in a statement on Facebook.

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