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McAdam On Manager Search: Not A Big Name

The Red Sox introduced Ben Cherington as their new general manager in a press conference yesterday. A big story that emerged from his presser was the fact that starting pitcher John Lackey will undergo Tommy John surgery in the offseason and will therefor miss the 2012 season.

Toucher & Rich talked with Sean McAdam about Cherington, the Lackey news and thoughts on who will be the new Sox manager.

McAdam got a chance to sit down with the new general manager, is Cherington impressive in person?

"I think as you saw yesterday he's a little bit more reserved than Theo, kind of quiet," McAdam said.

They went on to discuss how taking this new position with the team will change his life moving forward. They also discussed the news that Lackey will have Tommy John surgery and miss the 2012 season. What will the Sox do about filling that hole in the rotation?

"I don't think he goes swimming in the deep end of the free agent pool because C.J. Wilson is probably the number 1 guy on the free agent market in terms of pitching. I think we've seen in the postseason that perhaps Wilson is not cut of for front line status," McAdam said. "I think they try to do it on the cheap and find another Alfredo Aceves, somebody with a low risk high reward situation."

They went on to discuss the vacancy at the manager position. What does McAdam think they'll do? "Well I don't think it's a big name," McAdam said.

All this and so much more with Sean McAdam.

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