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McAdam On Gresh & Zo: Red Sox Organization Is 'Every Man For Himself'

On Thursday's show, Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak were joined by CSNNE Red Sox insider Sean McAdam to talk about the dysfunction within the Red Sox organization.

"Everybody has their own agenda and isn't particularly interested in working together with any of the other departments," McAdam said. "It's every man for himself, and it's not surprising that some of that has trickled all the way down to the clubhouse."

Where's all this dysfunction coming from?

"I think a lot of it stems from hiring Bobby Valentine," McAdam said. "And I don't mean that Valentine is the root of all evil, or that he's to blame for everything that's going on over there. I think he's actually done some things pretty well. ... A lot of these issues began when Larry Lucchino essentially shoved Bobby Valentine down the throat of baseball operations."

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