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"Screech from the Heavens": Project asks MBTA riders to rename subway stops

MBTA map mashup renames T stations
MBTA map mashup renames T stations 01:31

BOSTON - From Field's Corner to Mrs. Fields Cookies, a Boston Public Library project is offering creative renaming suggestions for MBTA stops.

The library's Leventhal Map & Education Center asked riders to show off their sense of humor that helps them get through the headaches that can come with commuting on the T. Donors bid on "rights" to rename stops on the center's map. 

The new transit map includes historical references and hilarious puns. On the Green Line, "Screech from the Heavens" replaces Boylston, where trains make an ear-splitting sound as they pull into the station. And Boston University's multiple B line stops are renamed "BU," "Even More BU" and "Seriously, Still More BU?"

The renamed MBTA station map Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center

Other notable reimagined spots include "Escalator to Hell" at Porter Station on the Red Line, "RIP Christmas Tree Shops" at Assembly in Somerville, "Malden Pokemon Center" and "East Boston is NOT an Airport" at Logan. And nothing is popular on the internet these days without input from the Swifties, so the end of the Blue Line is renamed "Wonderland (Taylor's Version)" after her 1989 album song.

Visitors to the library in Copley Square can see the full map on display in the "Getting Around Town" exhibit through April 27.

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