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In "slow zones" around Boston, walking can be faster than taking the MBTA

Slow-zones burden the T
Slow-zones burden the T 02:09

BOSTON - In some cases, you can walk faster than an MBTA train. 

Thursday, the T released a new dashboard showing 70 different slow zones throughout the system. People can look up where they are and what's causing the slow-down. In most cases, the T cites "tracks" as the reason, meaning defects on the tracks. 

The group Transit Matters has been tracking slow-zones for several years. Its dashboard shows the stretch on the Red Line between JKF/UMass and the North Quincy stations was delayed by 40 minutes this week because of slow zones. 

"You'll feel the train lurch back and it literally goes at a walking pace, like I could walk faster than the train," said passenger Matteo Mastrogiacamo. "You're kind of just inching along. You're like, c'mon c'mon c'mon, keep going."

Transit Matters Executive Director Jarred Johnson said the MBTA's "new Slow Zone Dashboard is a great step forward for the T when it comes to transparency." 

The dashboard shows the slowest spot last month was just 3 mph on the Green Line between Riverside and Fenway.

An MBTA spokesperson said trains have to slow down in certain areas "for safety reasons because those areas need maintenance work. The MBTA is making progress…" The statement also said crews plan to work on Red Line tracks this weekend as part of ongoing improvements.

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