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MBTA Weighs Retirement Incentives To Reduce Staff

BOSTON (AP) — The MBTA is considering a retirement incentive for administrative employees as it tries to whittle away an operating deficit.

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Officials said Monday the goal would be to entice about 400 workers to retire, while filling only 100 positions that become vacant. The resulting net reduction of 300 employees could save between $30 million and $36 million in the fiscal year starting July 1.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority currently faces a projected $242 million structural deficit in next year's budget.

The T's chief administrator, Brian Shortsleeve, said the incentives would be offered to workers who do not drive vehicles and are eligible for retirement, many being at least age 55 or having worked 25 years for the transit system.

Department heads are expected to receive a list of eligible employees on Tuesday.

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