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MBTA Police: Trio Of Women Threw Bleach, Robbed Man On City Bus

BOSTON (CBS) - MBTA Police are searching for three young women who they say threw bleach in the eyes of a bus passenger after robbing him of his money.

The victim was returning home from work early Sunday morning, riding the #28 bus on Blue Hill Avenue through Roxbury, when it seems the trio sized him up.

One of the women police say threw bleach at another person. (Credit: MBTA)

Officials say one female slapped the man about the head, while one went to work to search him for money.

"One of the women puts her knee on top of his legs so he can't get up and takes the money from his pockets," MBTA Superintendent-in Chief Joseph O'Connor told WBZ-TV.

The third suspect tossed the bleach, contained in a water bottle, in his eyes using it as a "cheap weapon," say police.

Officials have released surveillance photos from the bus hoping someone in the public will recognize the women.

They're also urging anyone else who may have been a victim to come forward.

Police say one of the women was seen harassing other passengers on the Orange Line earlier in the night, waving her hair in their face.

"I've been told as a result of throwing the bleach in his face, he's having difficulty seeing," said O'Connor.

At least a third of the fleet of MBTA buses is equipped with the cameras which police believe will be key in tracking the women down.

"We do have incidents where we can obtain video and pictures. It's crucial for the public to come forward and help solve crimes," said O'Connor.

WBZ-TV's Bobby Sisk reports

Other passengers were shocked to hear about the attack.

"I lost my grandson to violence last year," said Louisa Mitchell. "They shot him dead in October and I pray for the young people."

"Imagine if it was me, because I work late nights I do security and I work late nights and am coming home," said Michael Lockley. "It's just outrageous, just mean, it is just uncalled for, unhuman."

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