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MBTA Riders Post Messages Of Hope In Park Street Station

BOSTON (CBS) - Our eyes are windows to our souls and in the lower levels of the Park Street T-station people poured their souls onto Post-It notes.

Jing Wu wrote, "We are all equal. And, the sun will rise in the morning."

Tanner Pratt wasn't planning on writing a Post- It and then picked up a pen.

"I saw it and I thought of the various people it affects. I think it's important that people come together," said Tanner Pratt.

That's exactly the message Venita Subramanian encouraged. "Everyone I know is depressed. What are we going to do? What is going to happen," said Subramanian.

Sticky notes
Sticky notes in Park Street Station (WBZ-TV)

She organized the event inspired by an artist who did something similar in New York except here only positive messages are allowed. After a week of turmoil and angry protests, she wants the wall to in essence be a giant hug.

"No matter what your political background is just come together as one," said Subramanian.

On the cold tiles across from the T-line, a collage quickly grew of messages of hope, love and inspiration.

Sticky Notes
Sticky notes inside Park Street Station (WBZ-TV)

"Some people you have to give a marker to, 'hey do you want to write a message.' A lot of people just figure it out themselves. And, it feels so good. People are leaving flowers and messages," said Erica Dragani

At the end of a divided week it was a way for everyone to come together as one.

"Everyone coming to me and saying 'thank you for this. We needed this,'" said Venita.

Venita and her friends have to take down the Post-It notes when the trains stop running for the night. She is taking pictures and will post them to social media.

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