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MBTA GM: We Need To Communicate Better

BOSTON (CBS) – MBTA General Manager Richard Davey says he hears commuters' complaints about awful service this winter and promises better communications.

During a taped interview Friday, WBZ-TV's Jon Keller told Davey the thing that bothers riders the most is communication and the lack of it.

"Ice cold trains, sitting, not moving with no explanation; the LED displays that give no information. What's the problem and what's the solution?" Keller asked.

"I think there are some at the T and commuter rail who forget we are moving people. They think we're moving trains and buses. We're not. We're moving people and we have to think about it that way and not everyone does," Davey said.

"So, you're right, I think that our customers are very forgiving, or forgiving, when we have issues. They know it's an aging infrastructure, they know it's aging vehicles."

"But they're not forgiving, nor should they be, if we're not communicating well."

Davey also addressed the ongoing complaints with the T's Alert system not getting information, particularly on commuter rail, out quick enough.

"We've dug into that. The reason is because we have two people doing it. We've got MBCR, the commuter rail contractor, calling the MBTA and the MBTA putting it out. We're ending the middle man. MBCR will be doing this directly starting in a couple of weeks. That should help the flow of information for sure."

Davey also told Keller they're still honoring the T's on-time guarantee.

"If your train, bus or commuter rail train is more than 30 minutes late, you can put in for a refund. We are honoring that," Davey said.

"If you're a monthly pass holder, all you have to do is indicate that you were on that particular train and, you too, would be honored a refund as well."

You can apply for the refund on the MBTA's web site or pick up a form at ticket offices at North Station, South Station or the Back Bay.

You can watch Jon Keller's entire interview with Davey Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on "Keller at Large" on WBZ-TV.

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