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MBTA Commuter Train Derails After Fallen Tree Branch Wedges In Switch

WILMINGTON (CBS) – The heavy, wet snow didn't just knock out power Thursday morning, it caused a train to derail.

MBTA commuter rail train 300 on the Lowell line went off the tracks around 6:30 a.m. at Routes 129 and 38, right near the intersection of Route 62 in Wilmington.

wilmington train derails MBTA
(Photo credit: Wilmington Police)

Police said no one was hurt.  Keolis, which operates the commuter rail, evacuated more than 100 passengers.

The company said a thick branch fell off a tree, the train hit it, dragged it for several hundred feet and it ended up wedged into a rail switch, likely causing the derailment.

wilmington train derails MBTA
(Photo credit: Wilmington Police)

The National Weather Service said 10.4 inches of snow fell in Wilmington overnight.

A crane was brought in and the train was re-connected to the track late in the morning.

About 30 trees fell onto commuter line tracks in the nor'easter, according to Keolis.  The majority are on the Worcester line.

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