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MBTA Bus Caught On Video Running Red Light

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) — Cyclist Kyle Vining was sitting at the light on Washington Street and Ukraine Way in Jamaica plain when an MBTA bus blew right through the red light.

Vining said, "I was stopped at the intersection on red, so hearing the wind and gust come past me was quite alarming."

An MBTA bus was caught running a red light. (Photo credit: Kyle Vining)

Vining says it's part of a larger problem in Boston - drivers not paying attention to pedestrians and cyclists. In fact, he started a community group called Safe Streets City South to keep the roads safe.

Vining says he captured it all on video and reported it to the MBTA.

In a statement to WBZ, the MBTA said, "MBTA managers have identified the bus operator in the video and this matter is being thoroughly investigated. All MBTA bus operators are trained to be fully prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate a bus at all times."

The MBTA also says if you see unsafe driving, report it.

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