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Icy, Frigid Morning Commute Puts MBTA Trains To The Test

BOSTON (CBS) -- An icy morning commute tested trains and tracks across Boston on Tuesday. MBTA officials were worried the cold could cause big issues but it appeared their preventative steps worked.

"I think it's been running pretty well today so no complaints," one person told WBZ-TV.

Red Line riders getting off the T in South Boston posted up beside walls outside the Broadway Station trying to block the wind.

That wind was delivering some of the coldest air to Boston that the city has seen in a few years.

"Layer up. I'm wearing at least three layers today, just dressed warmly," a man said.

The MBTA tried to shield as many trains as possible from extreme cold overnight by parking them in tunnels. Mechanics prepped older trains by clearing moisture from brake lines so they wouldn't freeze.

Commuters along Comm. Ave said they followed the MBTA's advice and planned ahead. They got an early start only to be pleasantly surprised by not running into too many weather-related delays.

"I feel lucky that they are still on time and there aren't many delays we experienced," another rider said.

The MBTA said the same advice applies to Tuesday evening's commute: plan ahead because of the cold.

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