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Pine Street Inn's Thanksgiving Event, With Mayor Walsh's Help, Continues On Despite Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Mayor Marty Walsh helped to keep a local holiday tradition going while overcoming the hurdle of the coronavirus.

Along with Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, Mayor Walsh served Thanksgiving meals at the Pine Street Inn, a homeless service that has been helping homeless members of the community since 1969.

Normally, the city's homeless population is fed inside the Pine Street Inn building on East Berkeley Street in Boston. But this year, the operation moved outside to the Pine Street Inn parking lot.

"I'm grateful for Pine Street Inn's efforts and what they've been able to do. I mean, during this whole time, it's been difficult for all of us, but in particular, our homeless population and homeless families," Walsh said.

Despite the event's success, the Mayor acknowledged the differences in this year's outing from years past.

"It's different because we like to go inside. We like to talk to the guests. We like to, you know, go around,  'How you doing?' We know people. People remember seeing us. And not having that personal touch is really difficult this year. We just have to get through these next few months here," Walsh said.

About 120 turkeys, 1000 pounds of mashed potatoes, 130 whole pies and 50 gallons of gravy were prepared for the over 2,000 meals at the event.


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