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Max Kellerman Blasts Patriots Fans: 'Get Over Yourselves'

BOSTON (CBS) -- ESPN First Take host Max Kellerman made headlines at the start of the 2016 season when he said that Tom Brady was "just about done" and is "going to be a bum in short order." That hasn't happened yet, but Kellerman has apparently faced a constant avalanche of criticism from Patriots fans ever since he made those comments - so he decided to fire back.

Kellerman's most recent "Final Take" focused on the Patriots' fanbase and said that most people don't hate the Patriots because of the team's success, but because of the fans. You can watch his full diatribe in the above video.

"No one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy for the New England Patriots," said Kellerman. "There are sympathetic characters, and then there are all of you. Want to know why? Every single one of your major sports franchises has won a championship in the past 10 years yet, somehow, you still play the persecution card!"

Kellerman then summarized the past two years of the DeflateGate debacle and criticized owner Robert Kraft for his recent comments about refusing to forget what happened. Kellerman believes that the way Patriots fans react to every bit of criticism hurled the team's way is the real reason the Patriots are so reviled in other parts of the country.

"Hey New England: living well is the best revenge," says Kellerman. "Whining after everything - and I mean everything - goes your way all the time ... there's a reason everyone hates you guys. It's not that your teams are so good. It's that you handle it all so badly. Get over yourselves. Please."

Kellerman has probably gotten plenty of further grief from Patriots fans since he proclaimed himself right about Tom Brady nearly three weeks ago - in the middle of the Super Bowl.

Clearly, Kellerman is fed up. Surely, Patriots fans will leave him alone now.

Yes, perhaps some Patriots fans play the "persecution card" excessively at times. But maybe they wouldn't do it so much if the team weren't constantly under attack from people like Kellerman at all corners of sports media. It's hard to enjoy a team's accomplishments when the rest of the country is perpetually trying to discredit them.

Kellerman may have been better off just pulling an Aaron Rodgers, admitting that Brady is the GOAT and moving on. Now, he may face more angry Patriots fans than ever.

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