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Matthew Judon Has An Idea To 'Fix' The Pro Bowl

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Pro Bowl seemed like a fun time for all the players involved. But outside of a 20-minute mic'd up video, it wasn't all that fun to watch.

Matthew Judon, who just made his third consecutive Pro Bowl in his debut season with the Patriots, has a proposal to try to fix that.

"To fix it, I don't know -- what we should do, and it could be competitive. Start an old, a washed-up, like, the old pros vs. the new pros," Judon told TMZ last week. "The old pros vs. the new pros. But we can go out there and we can play like flag [football] with them or something. It would be fun."

A solution like that may not actually be better ... but based on the way the game looks nowadays, it probably couldn't be any worse.

"You don't want anybody to get injured, man," Judon said of the game's current nature. "The real game is the real game. We played, we just came through a season, we had 17 games. And the Pro Bowl is for the experience. Yeah, we want to tackle, we want to get after each other. But we leave that for the regular season."

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