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Mattapan Resident Injured In Fireworks Incident

MATTAPAN (CBS) -- A Mattapan resident was injured Saturday when one piece of the fireworks he was using went off in his hand.

Witnesses say the older teenage man was trying to light-off the item at the 54 Woodbole Avenue location.

Witness Travis Williams says the older teenager tried to light the device, and that's when things happened really fast.

"The wick burned really fast and it got his fingers," Williams said.

The witness also says the firework item the young man was using was big enough to do some damage.

"It was decent size, big enough to take someone's fingers off," Williams said.

A firework piece found at the site of the Mattapan incident. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

And he says the injury looked serious.

"It was a bad scene and it was graphic, very," he said.

Boston EMS says the young man was taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital with a hand injury, but they wouldn't provide details on the severity.

Another witness, Aaron Jones says the young man was given some help by neighbors.

"The community came to help him out. The community came together. They came outside, his hands were already wrapped-up. Ambulance came right around the corner--good response--and he was gone," Jones said. "He wasn't ever here that long."


The name of the person injured has not been released and authorities are not giving any details about his condition.

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