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Matt Turner Nearly Froze During USMNT's Win Over Honduras

BOSTON (CBS) -- Match-wise, Matt Turner didn't have to do much of anything during Wednesday night's 3-0 victory over Honduras in the USMNT's World Cup qualifying match. But the U.S. keeper was very active away from the action.

That's because he was trying to stay warm -- or rather, unfrozen -- in the frigid conditions in St. Paul, Minnesota. The USMNT/Revolution/future Arsenal goalkeeper did everything he could to thaw out during the match, with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills well below zero. On a few occasions, Turner could be spotted running some sprints while the U.S. was in Honduras's zone.

Ahead of the match, Turner was armed with a quarterback pouch (courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings) full of hand warmers. It was a good start to combatting the cold -- until the refs told him it was not allowed just a few minutes into the match.

So Turner was left to his own ways of staying warm, including his in-game sprints. During an injury timeout in the first half, he made his way to the sideline to wrap himself in a blanket.

He probably would have appreciated a little action on Wednesday night, but that was not in the cards. Turner made zero saves and saw zero shots in the U.S. victory.

At least the USMNT inched closed to clinching a spot in the World Cup with the win. That should have provided a little bit of warmth for Turner after the match.

Though he probably warmed up pretty quickly after seeing this burn from the USMNT Twitter account following the match.

At least Turner could feel his fingers after the match and fire off that response. Maybe we should call him "Sir Turner the Brave" going forward.

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